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Welcome to the SBS Advising Blog!

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Hi there!

 Welcome to the SBS Advising blog! 

We’re back and with a whole new goal in mind.  Over the course of the summer and the upcoming school year, we’ll be filling your head with oodles of advising information that will hopefully make your life a bit easier. Also, we’ll be accepting questions and comments on the blog so look forward to telling us what you want to know about! 

To let you in on a bit of the secret, here are a couple of topics we’ll be covering during the summer:

  • The difference between Psychology and Social Work

o   Have you ever thought about helping people as a career?  What’s a better fit for you?  Learn about opportunities in Psychology and Social Work and make a great choice for you!

  • Important things to do in the summer to beef up that resume

o   Volunteering, internships, working, catching up on reading: what can you be doing?

  • The difference between Strategic Communication and Communication Studies

o   Do you want to be a Public Relations Specialist?  A lawyer?  What is the best fit for you?  Read this edition of the blog!

  • Advisor spotlights

o   Did you know SBS Advising doesn’t assign advisors?  You can meet with whomever you would like to!  Read through the advisor spotlight to see who you would like to meet with this fall!

This and so much more you can learn by checking in every Monday to the blog.  We’ll always have a section to answer questions and address comments so feel free to email us at, subject line Blog Questions.


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